Slots Plus Online Casino Review #19 (Urban Chavez)

Slots Plus has truly mastered the art of appearance in this cleverly, colorful website. The website itself is full of information which will answer nearly all your questions, show the wide variety of games and even show recent winners! When casinos show recent winners, it proves there is someone winning every second and although someone might be on a little bit of a losing streak, the recent winner window can uplift spirits and if you get that lucky spin or that lucky hand, you might even be lucky enough to get your name on that list so everyone can see how lucky you were, too! This is just one of the many features Slots Plus casino offers.

Offering hundreds of games, Slots Plus casino is pretty high in the ranks of online casinos. Great service, great rewards, fast pay-outs and stunning games!

Playing Slots Plus casino is different than most casinos, and that’s all because of the simplicity and creativity that has been integrated into the software. It looks fun, cool and stylish. I was hooked before I even began playing. After I logged I downloaded the casino software, I created an account which took less than 45 seconds, and then I made a deposit and got a 300% deposit bonus! That’s right! I got 3 times my initial deposit. Promotions are always active at Slots Plus; nearly every day there is a different promotion to take advantage of. Also, if you are new to the casino scene or you want to give Slots Plus a try and not risk any money, then that is fine. There is a special bonus where you can download the software, register and play with 888 tokens for 30 minutes. This gives you a great idea of how the software operates and potentially how much you can win or lose, so 30 minutes of free bets, spins or bingos! And if that wasn’t enough, any winnings over 888 credits is considered a win and once the 30 minutes expires, those extra credits are then converted into real money, to a maximum of $100! So, without having to even make a deposit, you could already have $100 in your account if you get lucky with this unique bonus.

My experience on Slots Plus has been unforgettable and I will continue to be a loyal customer for as long as I gamble online. I feel safe here and I know everything is secure. I know I can count on the reliable customer service agents, I know my funds will be in my account instantly after deposit and I know those great slot games to play. This casino offers a reliable, thrilling experience and any casino enthusiast will feel right at home playing here. Check out the website, see the recent winners for yourself and check out the incredible offers and promotions. You can’t lose every time, so get playing and turn that $20 into a dream! Maybe soon I’ll see you in the casino winning some big bucks.

Urban Chavez