SBOBet Online Casino & Sportsbook Review #01 (Cui Liwei)

If you are anything like me and many other sports betting enthusiasts, then you probably have a problem finding a suitable betting site among the many available platforms. There is such a variety of betting sites nowadays that it is difficult to choose.

Having tried quite a few online betting platforms, I stumbled upon SBOBET, and it happens to be a great site. Based on a few criteria that many online punters check for in betting sites, let us see why makes a good choice.


Registration on the site is pretty convenient. The registration link is easily accessible from different pages on the website. After clicking the link, you input your preferred username and password. Next, some personal information is required. Having to submit confidential information might sound like a red flag, but it is actually important for security and withdrawal reasons. It is advised that you input your correct details as documented on your debit card or bank account. This is important because these details would be used to verify your identity during withdrawal.

Basically, the barest minimum is required during registration; just enough to make sure you do not run into identification problems in the long run. All it takes is some minutes to input all your necessary details and your SBOBET account is up and running.


Range of Games and Sports

Ranging from popular sports like Football to less common sports like Lacrosse, you can bet on almost any sport if you are using SBOBET. Apart from live sports and games, virtual sports betting is also an available option.

Leaning away from sports betting in general, there are many other activities you can engage in. There are a plethora of games available to play on the site like Keno, Lucky Dice, Jurassic World, and many more. You can also play casino games like Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, and Roulette.

This diversity creates room for people that gamble in various games and sports. So, whatever your betting “specialty” is, you will most likely find it on this platform.

Types of Bets

There are different types of bets available on the site. Specifically, Asian Handicap and Mixed Parlay are very prominent. Usually, the first bet found in the “sports” section is an Asian Handicap with mouth-watering odds. If you are looking to win big, you should also check out their Mix Parlay bets (accessible from the top right corner of the sports section). Here, you can place bets on many games at once, with much higher odds.

User Interface

SBOBET is such an easy platform to understand. Even with the variety of sports and games that you can place bets on, the platform is still quite easy to navigate. The website is so organized that among a variety of bets, sports, and games, whatever you are looking for is easily accessible.


SBOBET offers much more than a wide range of games. They also run a blog where they cover and analyze sporting games and events. Firstly, this helps to give insight into placing bets. Secondly, it serves the purpose of entertainment. It gets better as they also have a YouTube channel where they talk about sports, and this is done most entertainingly. So, not only do you get insight and more sports knowledge, but you also get to have fun while at it.

Payment Methods and swift withdrawal

SBOBET provides various payment methods for about fifteen different currencies. Some of them are the Japanese Yen, the Canadian Dollar, and the South African Rand. Depending on your currency, the site provides safe payment options. For instance, if your currency is the Canadian Dollar, you can withdraw using Visa, Master Card, Telegraphic Transfer, or Ecopayz.

Delay in withdrawal is an issue that many punters have with online betting platforms. However, you need not worry with SBOBET because the site provides quick withdrawal. Getting your winnings only takes a short time.


Would I recommend this platform to sport betting enthusiasts? Yes, most definitely. The site has favorable odds, a simple registration process, a simple user interface, immediate withdrawal, to mention but a few great features. To learn more about this platform or view their games and bets, simply visit