Powerball – Buy Tickets Online (Thomas Greer)

Playing the lottery these days has become increasingly difficult. People are already seeing how they can get lucky and they are getting on it. Can’t blame them though, we all need a bit of luck. A lot of people have been playing the lottery for years now. Some already cashed out and celebrated their wins, while some take in their losses and keep shooting for luck. But as more people are looking to win the lottery, it gets harder. Ticket prices are going higher and tickets are more difficult.

US Powerball

Just like a lot of people, I’ve also been playing different lotteries for some years now. My favorite is the US Powerball lottery. I particularly like it because of the amazing jackpot and prizes that it offers. It can also be played based on a single draw or multiple draws. This helps to balance your odds for success; or maybe ruin it. Powerball draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays and at evenings, using Eastern Time. Playing the game can be complex, but you can find a good explanation here.

Later on, I found it difficult to get a ticket, a friend came around and showed me the best way yet. This best way is a website – thelotter.com. Within a couple of clicks, I already got my Powerball ticket. I did not even move an inch, well, except maybe my fingers. I already got my ticket and everything was running fine.

Since then, I’ve made TheLotter my lottery friend. Oh, and they have a lot more lotteries than just Powerball. Legit lotteries too. Like that’s not good enough, there is more.


So, TheLotter is a website that has several legit lotteries from which you can pick and play. Every single thing you need to do can be done on the website. Like me, right from playing, to keeping track of, your ticket can be done on the website. This means you can play from any part of the world and win from any part of the world!

An Agent

TheLotter is like an agent or middleman between you and the lottery company. TheLotter has some local offices scattered across the US. Upon making a purchase of your ticket on their website, the local offices immediately help you make the actual purchase. Confirmation is made to you via mail/SMS. Then, the ticket is scanned to your account for which you can keep track. In some cases, depending on the lottery and the ticket, the actual ticket may not be scanned. But there other procedures confirm your ownership of the ticket. Also, this helps lay to rest any possibility of someone claiming your ticket. This is the case since everything will be done in your name.

Full Net Payout

Should you win, TheLotter pays you the full amount of your win. There have been different testimonies to keep you rest assured. TheLotter is also trusted, as it has been involved in several payouts worth over $100 million. No commission is taken from your payout. I’m sure you are wondering how TheLotter makes money. I wondered that too and almost thought they might be scams. But TheLotter makes money in a legit way.

Initial Commission

TheLotter pegs an initial commission on your ticket before you purchase it. The ticket price for each lottery is displayed before you play it. When you pay that ticket price, a token of it goes to TheLotter; a small token, actually. So, regardless of how large or small your net pay is, TheLotter gives you all. No extra commission from your wins.


Should your ticket get you a bag of luck, and you win, TheLotter immediately notifies you. Upon your notification, the payout will be deposited into your TheLotter account. However, this also depends on the lottery and the payout. Some lotteries require winners to come and collect their winnings in person. Also, some wins are very large that players are to come down and collect them. In any case, TheLotter will help you in this endeavor. If you have to travel to the US, TheLotter will also help with it. They might even offer you a free flight!


This was an issue for me too. With the increase in data theft and mismanagement, I wanted to forget about getting a ticket through TheLotter. But TheLotter is doing a fantastic job with data security. With vetted encryption on their web pages and mobile applications, they ensure that your data is safe. You can check more about that on their website.


TheLotter has made lottery playing and winning easier. It just depends on if you would like to go the stress-free way. I took that way and I don’t regret it.