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The legendary affiliate program, the undisputed leader in the Russian market and in most of the CIS. The legendary classic gambling brands Casino-X and Joy, and more recently – the Champion. In addition to RU/CIS, PoshFriends is currently trying to gain a foothold in the Western and Asian markets, but it has proven to be a much more difficult task, as they are surrounded with more serious competitors.

Despite their years of service, PoshFriends brands are converted quite standardly in RuNet. It is even better in the Western market, since PoshFriends is still a newbie by Western standards.

You can check specific locations with the managers. A distinctive feature of PoshFriends is its great user retention. If you decide to work with RevenueShare, be prepared to receive affiliate rewards for years to come. This is not an exaggeration, but the undeniable truth. Yes, not only have PoshFriends users been gambling for years, but there are simply few affiliate programs like this. PoshFriends is a worthy member of this golden club; the elite in the affiliate programs world, what else can I say.

However, there are some slightly negative nuances which were not present at the time of the founding of this affiliate program. PoshFriends became somewhat less affiliate friendly in terms of fees. If it has been a while since new gamblers started using the program from your account, the fee may be reduced. Generally, this restriction can be easily bypassed by using the very same RevenueLab super affiliate. The great feature of the latter is that they never reduce the fee while also providing a wider range of payout options than a direct affiliate program. The choice of the approach to working with PoshFriends is up to you, which you can make based on your own preferences.

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