Buy Lotto 649 (6/49) Tickets Online (Edward Baker)

I never really had much appetite for Lotteries or risks in general until I chanced upon At first, I was very hesitant believing it might not be safe to purchase Lottery Tickets online, but I read many good things from their reviews and didn’t even notice anything remotely negative so I thought otherwise.

One day I was just bored and thought I wanted to try something new and exciting and thought to myself: “what is more exciting than winning a lot of money.” Part of me was reluctant but I was mostly excited. I browsed the site and was very surprised to see a whole lot of selection. There were lotteries from many countries and thought an operation this big would never be a hoax without getting the attention of the relevant authorities; what gave me the greatest assurance that the site is legitimate is the fact that they offer a multilingual aftercare service and gave the means to contact support at any time of my convenience.

Having it conveniently online was also a big bonus as I was looking to stay at home, but the bigger advantage was that they even offered to notify me when I win and they do not even take any commission from winnings. Quite the opposite really, they offered discounts on bulk, and even subscriptions for would be regulars. It was then that I truly couldn’t wait to try out playing a few. Since they had a vast selection, I wanted to try out as many as I could and compare the value for money and entertainment they each provided.

At first glance, I saw Lotto 649 but didn’t think much of it as the name didn’t really make much appeal to me then. Eventually, I decided to finally try it out having seen it many times. Little did I know that I was to find the excitement I was never even looking for through that mundane looking Lottery title.

It was in some cases similar to other Lottery types I have tried but there were differences that stood out and made its overall experience very different and may I even dare say unrivaled

Beginning with the simplest, having this lottery done online is very convenient to do even on a routine. It also has a selection of how you wish to play that makes it interesting; For example, those wanting to take a leap of faith and take it on chance, Lotto 649 gives an even more exciting way to play the game with the “Quick Pick” function. This method gives to those players who like the feeling of letting destiny take its course, the opportunity to do so. Since this lottery aims to be as customer-focused as possible, it also gives the option to save lucky numbers for a more convenient play. If none of those methods appeal to you, then you can always play it your way and choose your own fate.

Lotto 649 gives players a little more control of the outcome by letting them choose multiple variables that give a corresponding possibility to win certain rewards. The wide range of possibilities has eroded my erroneous long-standing prejudice about Lottery. Playing it debunks the assumption that the outcome is exclusively two-fold and therefore monotonous. As I soon found out first hand it was very far from it. On the contrary, since there are in fact too many to mention, I will try to elaborate some for the benefit of those who are curious to try.

In Lotto 649 the question has never been only about winning or not. With the addition of “How much did I win”, players naturally get a higher degree of success by having not just one or two possible chances of winning, but seven; Seven tiers of prizes is more than enough reason to play Lotto 649 and nothing else.

As if the chances of winning is not enough, another good thing to always look forward to when playing this Lottery is that unlike other Lotteries that may have a possibility of having no winners on certain draws, this Lottery goes the extra mile and gives back to its customers by having the “Guaranteed Prize Draw”. Simply, in the event that no one matches the numbers to win, Lotto 649 will select a person to win at least One million Canadian Dollars based on the unique serial number attached to the ticket.

Having a minimum jackpot amount of Five Million Canadian Dollars may also be one of the reasons why it would be very difficult to see other lotteries in the same light ever again. In fact, the highest recorded winning of Lotto 649 has reached as high as Sixty-Four Million Canadian Dollars. Remarkable as it is, that is not even the best part yet. This lottery system sets no bar on to the maximum amount you could win which means that the possibilities are boundless and there is no limit to what you can take home TAX-FREE.

Playing this Lottery has been the very reason for my change of heart and playing it even once, would most definitely make you change yours. It has now become a constant source of unfaltering entertainment for me, and not only is it one of my favorite go-to past times, but also an integral part of my daily routine.

Thanks to, the combination of having big many discounts that are afforded to players and their online accessibility, the continued patronage of my Favorite Lottery has not only been made possible but also quicker, more convenient, and most importantly safe.

At the end of the day when all is said and done, having a taste of the excitement is to me, the biggest prize that I get to take home every day when I participate although I am certain that it is only a matter of time before you see my name on the winners’ list.