High Country Online Casino Review #7 (Aubrey Woolridge)

High Country casino brings the casino to you! Setting at your computer earning money for doing something which entertains you is pretty brilliant, and that’s exactly what High Country casino does – it allows you to play all your favorite games from the comfort of your own home. Online casinos are getting bigger and bigger and they don’t seem to be slowing down. People love playing them and that’s why there are so many, but not all casinos offer you the bonuses, promotions, games, banking, customer support and web design as High Country casino.

The games High Country casino offers you are in the hundreds. There’s slots, blackjack, keno, baccarat, poker, video poker, it goes on and on! If you want to play here and you’re a little ‘picky’ about what you play – then you need not worry, because High Country casino offers you so many games, you’d definitely be spoilt for choice. Not mentioning the jackpots where you can win A LOT of money, you also have the option to preview the games before you even deposit…in fact, before you even register so if you’d like to take a look at all the games High Country casino has to offer, then you can do so without any hassle. If you’re happy with the selection of games High Country has to offer, then you can sign up and deposit taking full advantage of their promotions and bonuses!

Now for the bonuses, the bread and butter of the only casino world. Do you love free money? If someone offered you free money, would you say no? If you answered yes (and you probably did) – that’s great, because High Country casino gives you free money, literally…For new players right now, you can claim up $747 absolutely free! But it doesn’t stop there, if you’re thinking “well that’s great for new players, but what about us old customers?” then that’s ok, because even old, loyal players get great promotions too, like Manic Mondays, Tuesday Shopping Spree, Thursday Movie Night, Friday Cocktail Event, Classic Wednesdays and Unlimited Glitz and Glam Weekender! So no matter when you deposit, no matter where or no matter how – there is a different bonus and promotion available to ALL Manhattan Slot’s customers. So, don’t just sit there reading this, get signing up today and claim your goody package. With all that extra money, winning a jackpot is a lot closer!

Manhattan Slot casino’s very easy to contact, because you can contact live support 24/7, or maybe email them, or phone them, maybe fax them, or just send them a letter through the post. Should any issues arise, just know there are 5 available contact methods to put your mind at ease!

Overall, the design of the website, the software, the bonuses, the promotions, the games, the jackpots and the customer service exceeds most people’s expectations. If you’re truly interested in playing online casinos then there probably isn’t a more fitting place than High Country. Everything about the website will make you smile, even if you’re losing!

Aubrey Woolridge