Empire777 (668dg) Online Casino Review #3 (Qin Wen)

Empire777 (668dg) casino is a blinged-up, amazingly designed casino with lots to offer the new players and the old. With plenty of jackpots, hundreds of games and quick installation – the casino covers our needs in one neat, tidy package. One of Empire777 (668dg)’s many features in ‘free play’ which allows players to play for free! Empire777 (668dg) understands some people are a little sceptical of spending money and they appreciate that, which is why they let players play for free as much as they want and when they’re good and ready to deposit, they’ll give the player a fantastic, unbeatable first deposit bonus! Being able to browse through the casino and play everything without risking any money is nice and fun, but what if you hit a huge win and you’re only playing for money!? Empire777 (668dg) encourages people to test the casino before depositing, but don’t let a big win opportunity fall through your fingers.

And after you’ve played around the casino with free money, you can then expect some amazing promotions and bonuses of up to 200% awaiting your first deposit, and if that wasn’t the cherry on top – then this will definitely blow your mind…after you’ve made your first deposit and received a 200% bonus, deposit again and receive another 200% bonus! It’s incredible! Deposit MYR50 and have MYR150 to play with, then if you deposit MYR80 after, you’ll have MYR240 to play with giving you a combined total of MYR390 from just £130 deposit! Imagine what you could do with that extra cash… another 200 hands at blackjack, another 200 draws at video poker, another 200 spins on the slots, an extra ticket on bingo – the possibilities are endless and readily AVAILABLE! Your mind is probably blown already, but every first depositing player is also entered into a weekly raffle. For every MYR20 deposited, get 1 ticket into the raffle.

But don’t worry, you don’t get all this attention because you’re a new customer, it’s all year round with every customer, new or old. Nearly every single day, there are deposit offers so whether you deposit on a Sunday or a Wednesday, you will get some kind of cash boost to help you hit those almighty jackpots. Empire777 (668dg) really focus on promotions and bonuses because they know that’s what us customers live for. Keep checking the promotions page for new and exciting bonuses.

Come try you luck at the wide genre of games offered at Empire777 (668dg) and you might just leave a rich after hitting that mega prize. I’m a slot player and I love slots because it’s all chance, no skill, no thinking – just skill, and when I hit a big win or even a jackpot, I know it’s pure luck and nothing else so it reminds me that it is possible to get some big pay outs playing games of chance. Come on and sign up to Empire777 (668dg) and try your own very luck. Best of luck for your future gambling!

Qin Wen