Empire777 (668dg) Online Casino Review #11 (Lei Liwei)

For many, the need to stay indoors to avoid the Corona virus has been anything from an inconvenience to a complete show-stopper. Effectively barred from their favorite establishments, people have sought ways to pursue their interests from the comfort of their own homes. Musicians put concerts on live streams, fitness buffs perfected their at-home workouts, and more than a few now stay-at-home spouses discovered their skills in the kitchen are not half bad. But what about those of us who seek the excitement of gambling and the sights and sounds of the casino?

In the world of gambling and gaming, it can be hard to imagine experiencing the same thrills one finds in an Atlantic City or Macau casino while holding a tablet in one’s kitchen. But that is exactly what the team behind Empire777 has done. Empire777 boasts a massive variety of slots and games from dozens of designers. A player can choose from ma huge variety of attractive and exciting slots to play. But that’s not all. Any avid gambler can also recognize several staple table games such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and different varieties of poker. A Western visitor to the site can also try their hand at games that may seem new to their eyes, like Andar Bahar, a classic card game from India, and Sic Bo, a game with ancient Chinese origins. Empire777 has made these games readily available on a smoothly run platform.

In addition to table games, card games, and slots, Empire777 also offers visitors a chance to participate in regular promotions. There is a welcome bonus for new members as well as several bonuses and rebates.

One unique and exciting aspect that sets Empire777 apart from other online gambling and gaming experiences is the option to engage in their Live Casino feature. When a visitor participates in live casino, they are playing with dealers in real time from the comfort of their sofa or lounge. It is as close to the real experience of being in a Las Vegas casino as one can get without hopping on a plane. The Live Casino features many location options including Las Vegas, Beijing, Macau, Reno, and Manila. When it is too much trouble to visit the wide world for a fun night of poker or roulette, simply bring the world to your living room.

When handling so much of people’s hard-earned money at one time, safety and security is of the utmost importance. That is why Empire777 uses the most advanced encryption techniques and firewalls to ensure the safety of players’ data and to ensure fair play across their entire platform. Some of this technology is already implemented and highly trusted by many major financial institutions around the world. Access to banking information is only available when using a unique sign in ID and password, ensuring the safety and privacy of player’s financial information.

Empire777 also supports several different languages on its platform. Speakers of English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai will be able to play and experience as long as they are in a region where Empire777 is offered. The entire operation is licensed and authorized by the government of Curacao and operates within strict regulations. Their customer support staff is standing by to work through any issues which a player may have, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Whether you are a casual gambler, a green newcomer, or a seasoned veteran of the blackjack tables, Empire777 would have something to offer you. The user experience is convenient and smooth, with customer service ready to help. The variety of games and prizes is enough to keep you interested and coming back for more. If you want to play from the comfort of your home, or on the train in your morning commute, or just about anywhere, then Empire777 is the place to be.