Bovada Sportsbook Review (Fred Powers)

The Bovada Sportsbook accepts players from the USA for 2014 Kentucky Derby online betting and once you finish reading this Bovada Sportsbook Review you will see why the Bovada sportsbook is the best online sports betting site for American players. It may be considered old news now but the Bodog Sportsbook is no longer accepting new USA players and has launched a new US-facing sportsbook called the Bovada Sportsbook. Here at the Raw Online Casino our goal today will be to scour the world wide web looking for as many pros and cons of the new Bovada Sportsbook in this review. The below review is an unbiased account of the new Bovada Sportsbook for players from the USA.

Bovada Online Sportsbook Pros

50% Bovada Sportsbook New Player Bonus
The Bovada Sportsbook Accepts All USA Players
Wide Selection of Sports Betting Options

Bovada Sportsbook Reviewed

On Sunday, February 2nd, 2014 the Denver Broncos will meet the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 48. Peyton Manning will attempt to out play Richard Sherman and the Seattle Seahawks defence. Current betting odds at the Bovada Sportsbook have the Broncos posted as -2.5 favorites to win Super Bowl XLVIII. Even if you have an existing Bodog Sportsbook player account, you are still recommended to join the new Bovada Sportsbook and get yourself a pretty little signup bonus for doing so. Plus if you were marked as a Sharp bettor in the Bodog Sportsbook you will now be considered a regular sports bettor when you create a new player account with the Bovada Sportsbook.

Bovada Sportsbook Odds

When it comes to betting odds and betting lines the Bovada Sportsbook is not much different than Bodog was. Bovada’s lines are usually not the first betting odds posted, however they usually are fairly competitive for your average sports betting player. If you are betting between $1-$1000 on specific NFL betting games then the new Bovada Sportsbook is your type of online sports betting site, however if you are a professional bettor with wagers in the tens of thousands of dollars per NFL game then the new Bovada Sportsbook is probably not going to be your ideal sportsbook. That is not to say that the Bovada Sportsbook can’t accept big wagers or payout, it is just simply due to the fact their betting odds are not posted weeks in advance and the betting lines do not fluctuate easily like they would in land-based sportsbooks to accommodate big wagers. Just in time for the 2014 Kentucky Derby, the Bovada Racebook is offering new players a $100 Free Bet that you can use for your Kentucky Derby betting for the 140th run for the roses in the first leg of the Triple Crown. Whether you are an experienced bettor, or just looking to learn, the Bo Vada sportsbook offers a great online wagering destination for bettors of all levels and needs. As you’ve seen from this Bovada sportsbook review at BoVada you can bet for as little as $1, or up to $100,000 on select betting events offered by the new USA Bodog sports book for players from the United States of America.

Bovada Sportsbook Accepts US Players

Look around, there are not many USA online sportsbooks left, and the ones that are left aren’t really all that great and their customer service is well aware that players don’t have much choice. At the Bovada Sportsbook this customer service mindset differs greatly from other online sportsbooks. The Bovada Sportsbook Customer Service team treats every player as if the player has 100′s of sports betting sites to choose from and gives all players VIP service regardless of betting amounts or history. It’s one thing to say your accept US players, but it is quite another to say that you can easily accept deposits from players from the USA and process payouts for US players. The new Bovada Sportsbook can, and has proven themselves to be the premier sports betting destination for online sportsbook players from the USA.

Best USA Online Sportsbooks: Bovada Sportsbook Cons

We’ve said it once, but we’ll say it again. The Bovada Sportsbook is not for professional players looking to bet tens of thousands of dollars on a single game. If you’re an average sportsbook bettor looking to place your bets a couple of days before the game or the day of, then the Bovada Sportsbook is perfect for you, but if you need to know what the betting lines are a week in advance, then you probably will not enjoy playing at the new Bovada Sportsbook.

Best USA Online Sportsbook Bonuses: Bovada Online Sportsbook

From now until the 2014 March Madness tournament the new Bovada Sportsbook will be offering new NFL betting players a 10% Signup Bonus plus additional chances to win cash prizes when betting on sports.

Bovada Online Sportsbook Deposit Options

Bovada Sportsbook USA players will be very pleased to hear that the Bovada Online Sportsbook accepts credit card deposits from all sports bettors living in the US. At last check, the Bovada Sportsbook offers the following deposit methods for Sportsbok players from the USA:

Visa Credit Card
American Express AMEX Charge Card
MasterCard Credit Card
Cash Transfers

Bovada Sportsbook Payout Methods and Time frames

When you join the new Bovada Sportsbook the only thing you have to worry about is picking a winner. No need to worry about getting money into your Bovada Sportsbook account to place bets, and no need to worry about getting paid out by the Bovada Sportsbook. With industry leading processors the Bovada Sportsbook can cut you a check within 24 hours of your payout request which will take 4-5 business days to arrive to your door, or you can request the Bovada Sportsbook to pay you via bank transfer and electronically transfer the funds right into your bank account within 1-3 business days. Which ever payout method you choose, you’ll never have to worry about not getting your payment when playing at the Bovada Sportsbook and that is why we trust them and proudly recommend the Bovada Sportsbook as our top USA online sportsbook. Now that you have been caught up to speed on the new Bovada Sportsbook check out our new Bovada casino review that gives new casino players an additional bonus on top of the Bovada sportsbook bonus when you signup today and you live in the USA.

With the NFL pre-season just a couple of months away, many online sports bettors have been looking for a decent online sportsbook to help get warmed up before the heavy betting season. Right now things are heating up with Bovada with MLB Betting, not to mention the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics just around the betting way as well. If you have yet to join Bovada then either you are under the age of 18, or you are what many in this betting business would call, a skeptic. If you are under the age of 18, leave now, and if you are a skeptic then we strongly urge you to Read This Bovada Sportsbook Review and put your worries at ease because Bovada has, and continues to, pass all of our sportsbook review tests and player feedback requests. With a wide selection of online betting options, variety of wagering odds, credit card deposits accepted, quick payouts, friendly Bovada Customer Service, Bovada blows their competition out of the Internet. In the above Bovada review we know that bettors from the US like sports betting bonuses, but care more about reputation of the sportsbook and history. Bovada has been accepting bets over the Internet since 1994 and has never missed a payout, never backed away from a fight, and always puts their players ahead of all else. For many of you we are preaching to the choir, but we also get the fact that not all of you might have heard positive reviews of Bovada so that is why we want to offer our personal ROC Pledge. Here at Raw Online Casino we pledge that because we recommend the Bovada Sportsbook as our #1 sports betting site for players from the United States we will stand behind you if you ever have any disputes with this sportsbook. Because we stand so firmly behind our review of the Bo Vada Sportsbook, formerly Bodog, we are 100% positive that if you have an issue regarding your wager, balance, or account, we will step in and intervene to resolve the issue to your satisfaction. We know the Bovada sportsbooks betting policies and Terms of Agreement inside and out and we will make sure you walk away happy, even if you never want to play with Bovada again. Although we have been offering this Bovada pledge for over two years now, we have only had four claims filed against them and each one was resolved to all parties satisfaction within two weeks. Now we aren’t saying there haven’t been any major issues that we have heard of from the Bo Vada Sportsbook, but we are saying nothing major has come of these claims as Bovada prides itself on honoring their terms before making a quick buck. Now without further ado, stop reading this review of the Bovada Sports Book and start betting at this US online betting site today and into the NFL wagering season!

Bovada Online Sportbook

With the recent September 9, 2014 Sunday NFL football games the new Bovada Sportbook really showed why they are rated one of the top online sports betting sites for American players looking to bet on sports. This Sunday, the first NFL Sunday of the 2014 season our Bovada sportsbook review helped a lot of bettors decide on which sportsbook to bet with. With Wes Welker signing with the Denver Broncos so he can play alongside Peyton Manning, the newly designed Denver Broncos with Wes Welker and Peyton Manning are likely Super Bowl 2014 favorites. Behind them we have the Seattle Seahawks who also made some great off-season moves signing Percy Harvin to play alongside Russell Wilson in the 2014 NFL season. Although the SBG Global and BetOnline sportsbooks also have a wide selection of NFL betting options, their customer service, player bonuses, and NFL betting odds just cannot compete with the Bovada online sportsbook. This NFL betting season when you get ready to place your football bets remember all that the Bovada sportsbook has to offer and bet with confidence. Although the Bovada Sportsbook is our #1 online sports betting site as you can read from this review, unfortunately the Bovada online sportsbook does not accept players from certain states.

States that Bovada Does Not Accept Players from are: New York State, Utah, Maryland, and Washington State. If you reside in the previously mentioned states we recommend joining another sportsbook such as the TopBet Sportsbook which is also a great sportsbook accepting all US players from these states and offers all US players a 50% Signup Bonus.

NFL Betting At Bovada

While reading this Bovada Sportsbook Review you probably asked yourself how good of a sportsbook is Bovada to bet on the NFL at. Well, it’s pretty good and here are just a few of the reasons why we think the Bovada sports betting site is going to be a great sports book to place your NFL wagers this wagering season. This football season Bo Vada is offering new players a $100 instant signup bonus, a Super Bowl 2014 Free Bet, plus they feature the top 5 betting lines for every week during the NFL wagering season. This means that based on what other players at Bovada are betting on, plus the most competitive betting odds, the Bovada Sportsbook will show you these as soon as you get to the site without having to signup. Speaking from experience last NFL season, this came in real handy when you have a rough Saturday night and sleep in on Sunday, limiting the time you have to compare NFL betting odds and make your selections. Basically you just go to the Bovada sportsbook page, the top 5 NFL betting lines will come up, and you make a couple of clicks and sign in. Before you know it you will be in your pajamas, can of coke, bag of chips, and cheering for your bets to come in. Betting on the NFL is fun and Bovada does everything it can to make sure you have a fun Internet wagering experience when you are betting online at the Bovada Sportsbook for players from the USA. If you live in Canada unforttunately you will have to visit the Bodog Sportsbook as they accept players from Canada, and the Bovada sports betting site only accepts players from the United States of America for 2014 NFL online betting.

If you enjoy betting on MLB games, or you spend your summers betting on the NBA playoff finals, then the Bovadasportsbook is a great sportsbook to place your bets at online. Bovada is easily one of the top sports betting sites online for American bettors looking to bet on Lebron James and the Miami Heat, or you can bet against the Heat and make your bets for the San Antonio Spurs and Tim Duncan willing the NBA Championships. Current betting odds at the Bovada Sportsbook have the Miami Heat sitting at -185 betting lines to win the NBA Championship. If you would like to bet on the Miami Heat or any other sporting event you can get all the information you need by reading the above Bovadasportsbook Review.

With the NFL betting season less than one month away many would-be NFL bettors have come here looking for a Bovada sportsbook revue to help them decide which sportsbook to give their action to this football season. Bovada, TopBet, and Bet Online, are some of the most popular online sportsbooks which we have reviewed, however our Bovada sportsbook review has the highest rating out of any online sports betting site we have ever reviewed or read a review about. What does this mean? This means that as long as Bovada continues to take pride in being a sportsbook with the best player feedback reviews, they will continue to be innovative in fighting for your business and keeping you happy. The name, Bovada, Bo Vada, Bodog, might be confusing, but one thing that is loud is clear is that this sport book is a man amongst boys in the world of online sportbooks.

Reviewing the Bovada Sportsbook

As many of our regular visitors will attest to, reviewing the Bovada Sportsbook has become a never-ending quest of ours because they have so many updates every other week. From exclusive Bovada Sportsbook bonuses to updates in payment options, keeping an updated review of the Bovada Sportsbook is very time consuming to say the least.

This NFL betting season whether you are betting on Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos to make it to Super Bowl 2014 with the newly acquired Wes Welker, or Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers to make it to the NFL Championship again, then make your bets at the Bovada sports betting site that is currently offering the best NFL futures odds out of any other sportsbook we have reviewed for this NFL wagering season. Bet on sports, play poker, or play in the casino, the Bovada Sportsbook, formerly Bodog, have proven themselves over recent football seasons as having the best bonuses, competitive betting lines, and sportsbook industry leading customer service staff.

Fred Powers