888 Affiliates Reviews

The affiliate program of 888 Holdings (casino, betting, poker, bingo).

888 is one of the largest, if not the largest, networks of gambling websites. It is the oldest one, too, as 888 first began offering their gambling services online 22 years ago, back in 1997.

Currently, 888 operates in a large number of locations in various gray markets, in Canada and Scandinavia, and also has separate websites in licensed markets in Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Spain.

The 888 brand is known almost anywhere in the world. Television broadcasts of the world’s largest sporting events are accompanied by its ads. Over two decades of work, it has earned the trust of gamblers in many countries.

The only problem is that, like any other major brand, 888 is not particularly friendly to non-large affiliates.

Due to this fact, 888 Affiliates is a textbook example for you to avoid working with them directly, even if you deliver traffic on a commercial scale.

The perfect option is to work with 888 through the RevenueLab super affiliate. First off, RevenueLab provides 35% on 888 RS, a bet that 888 directly grants only to very large affiliates. RevenueLab also provides CPA from $80, but we highly recommend that you work only with RevenueShare% whenever possible. This will yield you a multi-fold greater profit in the long run.

In addition, when working through the RevenueLab super affiliate, you can receive the fee using methods that the direct 888 Affiliates program will never use for payouts under any circumstances, but which are extremely convenient for affiliates. A RevenueLab manager can provide you with more detailed information after you sign up. 888 Affiliates is a classic case when working through a super affiliate is more profitable by any measure.

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