28Bet Online Casino & Sportsbook Review #01 (Dong Gang)

28Bet is another online virtual casino, racebook, and sportsbook of choice. The website promises a variety of betting options concerning all types of significant sporting events globally. 28Bet gives a promise of highly competitive odds for players of sports bets. The website also does well to compensate gamblers with a series of promotions throughout the month. Additionally, this online casino website does one unique thing that thrills players. They make sure all payouts are instant and with no delay.

Some other games to expect on 28Bet.com are baccarat, poker, roulette, live/in-play betting, and scratch cards. The website comes built-in English language, and you can expect to play games either by downloading software. By joining 28bet.com, you have opened yourself to lots of goodies, entertainment and exciting games that will readily thrill you. Players can play with their mind at ease because the site offers excellent bonus and promotions return to players.

Rules Governing 28Bet

  • Anyone below age 18 is not allowed to have access to the site.

  • All transactions done on 28Bet.com remains secured and legal. There are no records of fraudulent acts from players and the site itself.

  • Though 28Bet is a small casino, it maintains all forms of integrity without causing problems to players.

  • The website has an affiliate group that helps people gain a commission every month whenever they invite their friends to come and play the game.

  • Fair game is what the website stands for, and the site has a reputation for honouring all its wagers.

  • Security of the player’s credentials and details is the number one priority of the website.

How to Sign Up On 28Bet.com

  • On your browser, type the address www.28bet.com, to open the site.

  • Move your mouse to the top right corner and look for the ‘Join’ button. Click on it and wait for the next action.

  • A page will immediately pop up, showing you the lots of benefits you will get by joining 28bet.com. Go through the services and then scroll up to fill in your details. Fill in your username, and password, and you are good to go.

Types of Bonuses for customers

New members and old members are always going to enjoy lots of benefits from 28bet.com. For as much as you continue playing from the first day you joined, you are entitled to membership bonuses. The notable thing about casino websites is that there are lots of competitions. Therefore, if any casino is willing to outlive its competitor’s such casino must stay competing.

To compete, bonuses and promotional packages should remain the core value that a casino presents to its customers. 28bet.com has shown that even if they are small in the industry, they are willing to compete with the big guns. 28bet has always adopted to give mouthwatering bonuses to new players. It doesn’t end there; they also make sure that players get immediate answers to whatever question or challenge they have. They have weekly bonuses, daily bonuses and many more. Some of the rewards are listed below:

  • You will get a 100% welcome bonus on the sportsbook

  • Additional overall 28% welcome bonus for new members

  • The site promises daily check-in attendance bonus

  • You will also have access to a 10% reload bonus

  • 5% reload bonus

  • The site promises 1% live casino rebate weekly

  • Weekly slot rebate of 1% is also promised

  • You will enjoy 1% poker Rakeback every week

  • 0.5% sportsbook rebate every week

All of these strategies have helped 28bet.com to stay in business without losing their customers.

Making Deposits on 28bet.com

Transparency and players security has always been the projected value of 28bet.com. Therefore, all payment gateways are secured mainly with no form of fraudulent acts recorded to date. The process of funding your account is relatively easy and straightforward. You can carry out all deposit transactions through bank transfer or your debit card.

Additionally, to make a deposit, you will need to contact the customer service to get the 28bet.com account number. Note that customer service is always available 24hours. Next is to go to the website and click on transactions followed by deposit. Make sure to make your deposits using your correct data.

The withdrawal method is also the same as making a deposit; you carry the process out by bank transfer or debit card. All withdrawal transactions last for 5 mins. However, weekend transactions can take a bit longer.


28bet.com is one of the fastest-growing casino websites that treat all customers equally. You can be confident that you will enjoy every time spent on the websites through a series of games and all the goodies available to you.