22Bet Partners Review

22Bet is suitable for casinos and betting traffic from the following locations: Azerbaijan, Georgia, India, Turkey, Hungary, Kenya. In general, the scope of the technically accepted locations is much broader, but the above listed are the only ones to more or less show any conversion. Locations such as Turkey and India are especially noteworthy, as they present quite a difficulty of converting to brands of other affiliate programs. It is also possible to receive British gambling traffic for a brand with a UK license. They pay 25% – 45% of the income of the establishment. When registering through the RevenueLab super affiliate, 35% and up.

Directly (25% – 45%)


Through the RevenueLab super affiliate (+35% and up)


It should be noted that 22bet is intended for large-scale players. If you have large-scale players aiming at serious bets, you don’t need to send them through 22bet. There are other, more serious venues which value VIP-players much more.

22Bet runs on the 1Xbet platform, a well-known brand. The latter does not maintain a particularly honest policy towards players. Gambling forums are filled with messages concerning unjustified payment refusals or delayed payments by 1xbet. It would be strange to assume that by doing so to the players, the brand will be crystal clear when dealing with its partners.

In our opinion, 22Bet Partners is suitable for draining traffic from such locations as Azerbaijan, Georgia, India, Turkey; at least, until there is a better solution. However, if you have gambling traffic from more lucrative locations, we recommend that you find an affiliate program other than 22Bet Partners.