188Bet Online Casino & Sportsbook Review #03 (Bai Ping)

Seeing websites with almost every kind of fun betting game you can play isn’t new. But finding one that allows you to play and stake using a few clicks on one single website is uncommon. 188Bet is one of the very few, at least, as far as it has been observed and this review is concerned.

Gamers have the opportunity to win big on many games such as Casino (newly added game), football, basketball, lotto and lots more.  

For the scope of this review, you’ll be knowing about just a few of the games while you will have to explore several others.

So, Let’s begin!

188Bet football bet data

188Bet offers betting football data services and products that cover dozens of leagues. As a user, you will be able to make predictions about match results. And also view the display of the actual value for game odds which allows you to identify value bets.

Since football bets rely on quality statistics, this website takes its betting features to another level. So you’ll know, 188Bet football bet arena is designed to position the minds of gamers – making them be fully statistically minded when betting. Just as a plus, the interface helps to show which game is coming on soon and so users can begin to make a prediction.

Casino game on 188Bet

Never has Casino been better than when you stake your bets on 188Bet casino. Its live casino gives users an exciting experience. The interface is friendly and straightforward to use. In fact, it is you can get familiar with it within a few minutes. This means that as a new user, using your stakes to become the king of Jackpot isn’t hard. You have the Baccarat, Lightning Roulette, Bull Fight, Triple Card Poker, Monopoly and several others where you can win big time.

Virtual Games

Interestingly, there are lots of virtual sports you can leverage for winnings. These games are unlimited such as virtual tennis, virtual basketball, virtual football, instant Trotting, Virtual horses etc. All to give players a fantastic betting experience.


On 188Bet lotto platform, players have the best opportunity to enjoy a lot of winnings up to 408 daily draws from up to 6 official websites. Obviously, this places 188Bet higher than some other betting sites in the industry.

How to bet on 188Bet

188Bet offers fantastic ways to bet on its platform. One way is that you can place bets online or through your mobile devices. Just go to the website, select which sport or game you wish to win big from, and initiate the Play Now button. It’s as easy as that.

Furthermore, the betting system uses a secure payment for both deposit and withdrawals. 188Bet accepts deposit using Visa ($10 – 20,000), Skrill ($50 – 50,000), Neteller ($10 – 50,000), and AstroPay (10 – 5,000). However, if you need to withdraw, the minimum withdrawal limits vary and are very favourable.

Payouts on sports

Payouts, when you bet on sports via the 188Bet platform, is somehow relative. But it is still reasonable compared to others in the industry. For football and basketball stakes, winners can only win or cash out $1.5m or its equivalent amount in the currency you’re operating from. However, e-football, baseball and others are limited to $300K. You can find more information on the rules page.


For new and existing members trying to find a platform worth profiting from, 188Bet is a smart choice. The website is very accommodating as it allows many users to transact and get paid in their local currency.

It’s also no doubt that 188Bet offers users useful and highly profitable information, especially for those wanting to channel their effort towards interpreting analysis across each game.

This review will only be able to provide not so many details about the 188Bet site. But it would be more appropriate and reasonable to allow you to access and explore the website. So, when you check out and explore the games of your choice, you realize how much of a gold mine it is. And without doubt, you’ll definitely wish you join the train and become the millionaire you are meant to be.

Quick Summary information

Website name: 188Bet

Recommendation: Yes. 188Bet is a verified website with high payout potential.