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10Bet Login & Registration

Online betting is going bigger and bigger and there seems to be no stopping to that and at 10Bet, online betting has been all they have been doing since 2003; hence, it has grown in name and in brand thus making it one of the most trusted betting site around the country and around the world. The thought at 10Bet has always been about everything and a better point of view a little wonder why it has developed into one of the most action-packed sports betting websites around the globe.

Customer Service

10Bet isn’t just renowned for its action-packed betting site but is also well known for the way it treats its customers like they are citizens. At 10Bet, they developed an easy-to-use website as well as a superb mobile-friendly as a user-friendly app that you will not require ingenuity to use; hence, at 10Bet, you instantly have a number of lives as well as in-play events at your fingertips from over 50 sports that range from football to tennis, and from basketball to your favorites sports that is neither football, tennis, nor basketball to choose from.

10Bet has regular promotions and offers that their customers can key into and enjoy the benefits accrued to such promotions and offers as an additional perk to the over 2000 betting markets which range from a single bet where all you need to do is to predict a single outcome say you predict that your beloved team will win a football match to double or multiple bets which are otherwise known as a combo; however, it is just the situation where you combine multiple selections with a single stake, say you predict your favorite team will win a football match and you even went ahead to add the scoreline to your bet.

New to the Site

10Bet has a user-friendly website that easy and as well as simple to browse and they have an app that is well-tailored to cut out any form of difficulty, all you need to have to get going is first an internet enabled phone and a good network and you can even use your personal computer. First when you open the website. At the top left corner, they have the menu option that includes all they offer and most importantly the “join” option on the top right corner. Once you tap the “Join” option, The “Open Account” window will be displayed.

That particular window will request for some necessary information before you proceed. Here is the information required: your full name, date of birth, your Social Security number, mailing or home address, email address, and contact numbers.

Once you’ve entered all necessary information, you will be asked to create a username and a password which will be of use whenever you want to log into this site.

The next stage is to create a security number made up of four digits. This security number is very important and advisable to keep it safe.

Once you get to the ultimate stage, you will need to select your preferences such as time zone and odds display, as well as mark the acknowledgement boxes.

Once you’re done with all these above stages, you can proceed by creating your account by clicking the “Join” option.

An interesting fact about 10Bet is that they don’t clump their betting options. For instance, if you want to bet on football and you also want to bet on the Italian Serie A, the English Premier League, or even the Spanish La Liga, there are icons that indicates these leagues; hence, you won’t find it difficult to locate the league of your choice.

Furthermore, it is important to note that 10Bet present its odd in decimal system where you will have to multiply your stake by the number displayed to determine your return.

How Betting Odd Works

Betting odds in various website across the globe are displayed as decimals or fractions; hence, the number that is displayed on the left side of the fractional betting odd intricately indicates your winning potentials while the number on your right indicates your stake; therefore, if you bet a sum of $1 you have the propensity to win the total sum of $10.

However, the decimal odd system is just a contrast to the fractional odd system; hence, you will need to multiply your stake by the number displayed to determine your return.


10Bet is listed and registered in Malta but it has grown in name and in brand and is no doubt one of the most renowned betting sites in the world.